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The Tarot


~ The Tarot will give you what the universe decides is needed in order for knowledge, happiness, journeys, pathwork, etc. 

We also offer remote readings (phone) which are every bit as accurate as in person! 

Delux Tarot -  or Couples Reading


~ Complete reading includes the Tarot, Palmistry, Oracle & Mediumship.

We also offer remote readings (phone) which are every bit as accurate as in person!

Spell Kits

$52.00 each

~ Spell kits include everything you will need for your money, love, healing spells, etc. With instructions

Oil Blends & Elixirs

$32 each

~ Handcrafted  for your magickal, ritual and spiritual needs!

Oils for consecrating, anointing, chakras, etc.

Elixirs for improving psychic development, focus, clarity, etc.

Dream Pillows

$42 each

~ Dream Pillows Help to facilitate the dreams you need for the purposes of relaxation, prophecy, answers, etc. 

Past Life Regression

~ Helps to reduce or eliminate phobias and negative habits as well as assisting to let go of the past and move on with a more lighter, happier sense of being.
$25 per session (refer to Calendar for Workshops)

~ Workshop subjects are based on availability; they include Divinations (Tarot, Tea leaves, Palmistry), Wicca 101, Psychic Development and Spell Crafting.